Platform Transitions

Safeguard calculations and your budget from impactful waves when changing financial aid assessment tools.


Not All Formulas are Alike.

Moving financial aid platforms entails more than a new system sign-on and application process. Although platforms share similar variables, each utilizes a distinct methodology. A lot of effort and formula knowledge is needed to ensure there isn’t a substantial impact on the calculated capacity to pay for both returning and new families in the future. How do you prevent a major fluctuation in calculations or budget in your new platform?

At Mission Enrollment, we’ve mastered the ins and outs of every leading financial aid platform and, more importantly, their unique formulas. We don’t just talk the talk—we work in each system daily, supporting schools and their families and keeping up with enhancements and new features. If you are making a switch, our Platform Transition Program is the ultimate compass to guide you through a smooth transition experience and prepare your new platform for a successful season. 

Mission Enrollment’s mastery of every industry platform was a vital resource when we switched. Their expertise in the audit process, industry best practices, and national trends has allowed our team to ensure that our application process is fair and equitable for all families we serve.


Director of Financial Aid & Assistant Director of MS/US Admission, The Riverdale School (NY)


Platform Transition Program

Current Portfolio Assessment

Aid Distribution

Assess aid distribution by income level, family size, and assets/liabilities. Confirm formula levers are adequately dialed in to support returning families.

Expense Levers

Analyze assessment tool expense levers in place compared to actual family spending and evaluate settings and protocols in use for their viability.

Lever Configurations

Using up to five files, offer lever configurations to support this group without any significant budget impacts and can be carefully applied based on program goals.

File Review Procedures

Policy Guide

Internal financial aid policy guide for your school, including new vs. former platform levers.

Review Checklist

Internal folder review checklist and protocols for assessing families in the new platform.

User Training

1-hour training in the new platform with a collaborative review of a family’s folder.

Switching? We can help.

Space is now open in our 2025-2026 Financial Aid Season programs. We can help you avoid the unexpected with your new platform this season.