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Are you a newcomer to K-12 financial aid? Are you seeking ways to enhance your financial aid procedures and create effective policies? Are you interested in connecting with peers who are facing similar challenges and objectives? Discover valuable insights and guidance on how to navigate the evolving realm of K-12 financial aid through a range of professional development opportunities. From mastering budgeting and forecasting to understanding family dynamics and improving communication, you can gain knowledge on making optimal choices for your school and the families it serves.

Upcoming Events


NYSAIS Admissions, Placement, & Financial Assistance Professionals Conference 2024

All-day event
Location: Mohonk Mountain House | New Paltz, NY

Trends, Adaptability, and Intentionality. Details for sessions to be presented by Anita Harper, COO of Mission Enrollment, will be posted soon. > Visit conference site


FACTS Elevate Conference 2024

All-day event
Location: Hyatt Regency Atlanta | Atlanta, GA

ME Session | Unlocking Flexibility: Tailoring FACTS Grant & Aid for Your Financial Aid Program – Embark on an immersive exploration of financial aid innovation! We’re unraveling the exceptional flexibility of FACTS Grant & Aid to revolutionize your financial aid program and ensure equity and fairness for the families you serve. We’ll unveil insider tips and tricks along with the how’s and why’s for customization, empowering you to tailor your system like never before. Learn the art of weaving custom questions seamlessly into the application process, leveraging internal tracking fields, and ways to fine-tune the calculation to align with your unique needs. Central to these transformative adjustments is the pivotal relationship between your school and your dedicated FACTS Customer Success Manager (CSM). Discover how this partnership serves as the driving force behind innovation, supporting positive change in your financial aid approach and overall program. Presenter: Alisa Evans, ME Founder & CEO. > Visit conference site

Past Events


Adapting with Change: Strategies and Tools for Today’s Evolving Financial Aid Trends and Beyond

Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Change is the only constant when it comes to private and independent school financial aid. And this season is no exception. Reflecting on the 2024-2025 financial aid season, Alisa will delve into insights gathered from Mission Enrollment’s comprehensive review of more than 15,000 family applications and discuss evolving trends that shed light on the dynamic interplay of family and economic factors shaping today’s financial aid landscape. During this session, attendees will not only gain an understanding of these trends but will also learn practical strategies for effectively leveraging the tools available in FACTS Grant & Aid to support and manage them and ongoing trends. By staying informed and utilizing the right tools, attendees will be better prepared to support their schools and families in navigating the complexities of the ever-changing financial aid landscape. Presenter: Alisa Evans, Founder & CEO, Mission Enrollment. > More Information


Executing an Effective Financial Aid Strategy: Integrating Policies with Practices

Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Online | Workshop

Balancing families’ needs with school budget constraints can be challenging when it comes to sustaining a financial aid program and remaining mission aligned. It is important for schools to define their financial aid philosophy and establish processes and parameters that help school leaders execute the program well and support families well beyond the initial admission process. Learn best practices, how to address recent economic shifts, and use tools that will help you tackle complex challenges associated with financial aid programs. Get empowered with the skills and resources needed to navigate difficulty in prioritizing awards as you address complex files, enhance your financial aid policies and procedures, and contribute to achieving critical schoolwide goals, like maximizing net tuition revenue and advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Instructed by Alisa Evans, Founder and CEO, Mission Enrollment. > More Information


Reading Between the Lines: Decoding IRS Tax Transcripts

Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The IRS tax transcript is a condensed overview of a family’s tax details, itemizing everything on their return line-by-line. But does it? To comprehend the information embedded in IRS tax transcript requires more than a cursory glance; it necessitates the skill to read between the lines. We’ll explore the art of decoding these transcripts, uncovering crucial insights camouflaged within the numbers and codes. From deciphering codes and symbols to capturing subtle nuances, you’ll learn how to effectively extract essential information to understand a family’s financial landscape. As tax transcripts become more prevalent in processing financial aid applications, don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your financial literacy and unravel the hidden layers inherent in this form of tax documentation. Presented by Anita Harper, COO, Mission Enrollment. > More Information


Financial Aid Symposium 2023

Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Online | Symposium

Learn from enrollment and financial aid experts and thought leaders in this half-day online symposium, co-hosted by NBOA and the EMA. With a mix of keynote speakers, concurrent breakout sessions and a panel discussion, this program is designed to help you refine your FA process and ultimately ensure alignment with your school’s mission.

Tax Document Alphabet Soup: Ingredients for Effective Financial Aid Assessments | Comprehending the intricate ingredients of individual and business tax returns is akin to a complex recipe. Schedules like A, C, E, and K-1 play specific roles in tax filing and financial aid assessments to capture income sources, deductions, adjustments, and even find hidden cash flow not reported on the financial aid application. Understanding a family’s income portfolio (W-2 earners, business owners, or both!) enables you to craft the perfect blend of documentation. Don’t stew over trying to figure it alone. This session will help you learn the tax forms, where to look, and what it means for you and your applicants. Session Presenter: Anita Harper, COO, Mission Enrollment


AISAP Financial Aid Summit 2023

All-day event
Location: Andover, MA
Conference | Training

Puzzled by Financial Aid? Get the training you need this fall to ensure fair and equitable aid decisions. There’s never been a more important time for schools to focus on educational access, affordability and fostering a diverse and inclusive community where the essential value of every individual is honored. You’ll find an interactive, hands-on experience that’s far more in-depth than a typical breakout session or pre-conference event. This year’s agenda will focus on real-life scenarios where leadership, vision, and strategic will meet daily operational and tactical results. Where we can find the joy in this work and where our leadership as professionals truly makes an impact.


All About Assistance: Tuition Assistance and Affording Independent Schools

Time: 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Webinar | Workshop

Parent Workshop | ISAAGNY member schools are top-tier, eclectic, and, yes, expensive. How does tuition assistance work? What’s covered by a grant, and what isn’t? How can we responsibly plan to make this commitment for more than a decade? Learn all about affordability in greater New York schools. Presenters: Alisa Evans, Mission Enrollment and Sheila Hicks-Rotella, Hackley School


All About Assistance: Tuition Assistance and Affording Independent Schools

Time: 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Webinar | Workshop

Parent Workshop | ISAAGNY member schools are top-tier, eclectic, and, yes, expensive. How does tuition assistance work? What’s covered by a grant, and what isn’t? How can we responsibly plan to make this commitment for more than a decade? Learn all about affordability in greater New York schools. Presenters: Alisa Evans, Mission Enrollment and Sheila Hicks-Rotella, Hackley School


EMA: Neurodiversity Trends in Our Schools

Time: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Online | Symposium

Reduce Bias and Create Access Through Financial Aid | ME Founder & CEO, Alisa Evans, is a parent of a child recently diagnosed with Dyslexia, offers a unique perspective that bridges the challenges parents encounter and the vital role of schools in this journey, which can sometimes fall short in supporting the diverse needs of all students. Alisa will explore strategies to apply fair rules in financial aid review, considering the often required and substantial cost of supporting neurodiverse children. She will examine how schools can provide expense protections to equalize their costs with families without these out-of-pocket expenses. Her insights will prove invaluable in preparing for the upcoming FA season, aiding in budget forecasting, aligning objectives with the board’s vision, and ensuring that your school’s policies reflect its mission and demographic diversity.


Florida House Bill 1: Updates, State Scholarship Implications, and Preparing for the Season Ahead

Time: 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Join Nancy Mendes, Regional Vice President at FACTS, and Alisa Evans, the Founder and CEO of Mission Enrollment, for a pivotal conversation about the implications of the scholarship program expansion under Florida House Bill 1 and its impact on private financial aid. Stay up to date on these legislative shifts, strategize your plans, and prepare for the upcoming financial aid season to effectively support your students and secure your school’s financial sustainability.


Ready, Set, Grant! Your Roadmap for Financial Aid Season Success

Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Prepare for a successful journey through this financial aid season. Alisa Evans from Mission Enrollment join SBSA member schools for a strategic session designed to help small boarding schools chart a steady and efficient course. Discover how to leverage data for precise budget forecasting, align your goals with board expectations, and ensure your policies and formula levers resonate harmoniously with your school’s mission and student population. Equipped with invaluable tools, well-defined timelines, and ready-to-use communication templates, you’ll confidently navigate the FA landscape, making life smoother for yourself and the families you serve this season. Set your course for success!

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