Optimize Your Equitable and Efficient Awarding of Financial Aid

Outsource the evaluation of applications to Mission Enrollment. Focus your time instead on the business of enrollment.

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Wearing so many hats that you’re hard-pressed to devote the necessary time to financial aid?


Feel like you need to sacrifice accuracy for speed and efficiency with your applicant reviews?


Have you made headway in measuring—or even defining—the success of your financial aid program?

Perfecting the assessment of today’s families

If your school is like many private and independent schools, financial aid is the second largest line item in your operating budget. And if you’re tasked with the equitable distribution of that aid, you face a number of challenges in a time of increased scrutiny.

At Mission Enrollment, we know reviewing applications for financial aid is just one part of your job. It’s why we created our Folder Review Program to take care of this process for you. With over 100 years of collective K-12 financial aid experience, our team can navigate every kind of family complexity. Our tax expertise means all relevant documents are collected and reviewed to properly assess their request for tuition assistance at your school.

“I can devote even more time to prospective families knowing very well that the evaluation of our financial aid applicants is in the care of the trusted advisor.”

David Lazo, Dir. of Advancement & Enrollment Management at Bentley School

Your mission is our mission.

We provide schools with customized financial aid folder review programs to ensure you stay competitive and nimble in today’s rapidly changing landscape. Using data analysis and review, we help you find new ways for your school to compete and remain sustainable.

Focus your efforts more deeply on the business of enrollment, while we save you valuable time and vital budget dollars, knowing your families are in expert hands and treated equitably and fairly.

Outsourcing by the numbers



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Applicant folders reviewed annually


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“I can’t think of anyone better to trust surrounding financial aid than Mission Enrollment! Working with them means I can devote even more time to prospective families knowing very well that the evaluation of our financial aid applicants is in the care of the trusted expert!”

David Lazo, Director of Advancement & Enrollment Management, Bentley School (CA)

“Mission Enrollment is a dynamo of data! They can take any strategic initiative and put together data to back up your vision. Most financial aid administrators don’t have time or expertise to accomplish strong data-driven reports for the board or head of school. Mission Enrollment is just the force of nature you need to get the job done—from file calculations to marketing to data presentations to brainstorming. They love financial aid, so they’re ever curious, creative and committed.”

Eileen Powers, Director of Financial Aid & Public Partnerships, Campbell Hall (CA)

“Mission Enrollment brings both ‘head’ and ‘heart’ to the business of financial aid. They have an amazing ability to identify and analyze data to help schools understand their constituents and make informed decisions. At the same time, they never forget that there are deserving students—real human beings—at the end of each financial aid decision. They ‘get’ financial aid like no one I have ever met, combining years of knowledge on the school-side with the firsthand experience of an independent-school parent and board member. There is no question Mission Enrollment has made an immeasurable impact on the development of our financial aid program.”

Juli Baldwin, Director of Financial Aid, Parish Episcopal School (TX)

“Mission Enrollment is a data queen! They know data and have an incredible passion for all things financial aid. When you’re looking for national or local trends, Mission Enrollment is always able to produce the right information for your report, and they bring 150% to all that they do.”

Carinne Meyn Barker, Director of Enrollment Management, St. Matthew’s Parish School (CA)

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