Folder Review Program

Comprehensive applicant folder processing for the equitable and efficient distribution of financial aid.

If you’re like many financial aid professionals, applicant reviews are the bane of your existence. But, they don’t need to be. By establishing policies and implementing special folder review processes, we can help you make sound financial aid decisions by tailoring awards to unique family situations.

When folders are reviewed properly, you can save tens of thousands of dollars on your financial aid budget. We’re helping more than seventy schools do just that. For this 2024-25 financial aid season, our team of experienced professionals is reviewing over 15,000 applicant folders—conducting full audits from error corrections to proposed awards and parent outreach to obtain all necessary documentation. And when post-season arrives, audits can measure your program’s success and financial sustainability.

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  • Collect tax documentation

  • Outreach to families for documents, waivers, and clarifications

  • Apply school policy and professional judgment standards

  • Analyze folders for thoroughness, accuracy, and consistency

  • Review and audit new and returning student folders

  • Notation of all revisions and considerations

  • Prepare reports for financial aid committee meetings


Minutes it takes to complete a financial aid folder review (average)


Number of financial aid applications for a school (average)


Hours saved to devote to enrollment. For a 40-hr week, that’s 2 months!


Budget dollars saved by not over-awarding families (average)

Why outsource?

Schools need to optimize the equitable and efficient distribution of financial aid to attract and retain students. And properly reviewing family finances takes a lot of time and tax expertise. By taking care of this process for your school, Mission Enrollment saves you valuable time and vital budget dollars so you can focus more deeply on the business of enrollment.

We made it our mission to master every FA platform and its formula. Whether you use Blackbaud, Clarity, FACTS, FAST, SSS, TADS or changing platforms for the upcoming season, we can help you achieve your enrollment goals while providing your families a positive application experience.

Program Services


Align budget setting and awarding strategies to have the most impact for your school’s sustainability.


Review, audit, and ready applicant folders for awarding with grant recommendations.


Collect all family documentation, including outreach up to 3x for missing documents and forms.


Apply professional judgment standards that follow school policies and protocols.


Prepare year-over-year awarding reports with live budgeting for your financial aid committee meetings.


Close out folders with final awards & run year-end reports for your Head of School and Board of Trustees.


Offer best practice recommendations to assist your school in meeting its future financial aid budget goals.

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“Mission Enrollment has been an outstanding partner to provide our current and prospective families with first class support and service as they navigate the financial aid application. The team’s knowledge of every industry platform was a vital resource when we switched our financial application platform. Their understanding of the audit process, industry best practices and national trends have allowed our team to ensure that our application process is fair and equitable for all the families we serve.”

Jean-Pierre (JP) Jacquet, Director of Financial Aid & Assistant Director of MS/US Admission

Riverdale Country School (NY)

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