Folder Reviews

Focus on your school’s enrollment business, knowing families are in expert hands—treated equitably and fairly.


Find Your Who, Not Your How.

Optimizing a successful financial aid program is crucial for your school’s growth. By carefully reviewing applicant folders, you can save significant amounts on your financial aid budget. However, this process requires dedicated time and expertise in tax matters.

That’s where Mission Enrollment comes in. Our outsourcing Folder Review Program plots a season-long clear course for comprehensive assessments framed by industry best practices and a multi-tiered supportive process. Our expert crew navigates the complexities of student folders on your behalf. And it’s not just about the numbers. Every family has a story; we capture it all in detailed folder notes for you.

Why Outsource to ME?

1. We're anchored in experience and expertise.

We understand that each family has unique financial needs when paying for their child’s tuition. With over 75 years of collective experience in K-12 financial aid, our team can skillfully handle every family situation. Our extensive tax knowledge enables us to meticulously collect and review all relevant documents to ensure every family’s request for assistance is accurately assessed.

2. We're masters at methodologies.

Our mission was to learn every financial aid platform and its formula. And we have. Whether your platform is Blackbaud, Clarity, FACTS, FAST, SSS, or TADS, or you are changing platforms next season, we can ensure your school’s mission, policies, and goals are reflected in your calculations while providing your families with a positive application experience.

3. We save you time, money, and resources.

Reviewing family finances can be a complex and time-consuming task, often requiring a lot of tax expertise. However, with Mission Enrollment, you can entrust this process to our team of experts. Doing so saves valuable time and budget dollars, allowing you to focus more deeply on the business of enrollment.

Working with Mission Enrollment has saved our team countless hours and kept us within our financial aid budget in a thoughtful, fair, and unbiased manner. They are experts in financial aid and provide us with sound counsel, wisdom, and guidance. I highly recommend ME to any director of admissions/enrollment looking for an outstanding financial aid partner.


Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, The Bishop's School (CA)


Folder Review Program

1.  Season Onboarding with Platform Setup

2.  Multi-Tiered Folder Prep and Review Processes

3.  “Yet to Apply” Returning Applicant Tracking

4.  Non-Custodial Parent Waiver Process

5.  Mission Enrollment Best Practice Protocols

6.  Detailed Log of Prep and Review Notes

7.  School Policies Administered

8.  Parent Communication

9.  Document Collection and Verification

10.  Proposed Grant Awards

11.  Formal Award Appeal Process

12.  Committee Reporting

13.  Season Wrap- Up—Platform: Final Awards & Statuses


Program by the Numbers


Minutes invested to complete a folder review

Average # of financial aid applications

Administrative hours saved = 2 months!

Average budget $ saved not over-awarding families

Ready to Regain Time and Save Money?

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