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How can you stay on top of trends? Learn strategies to balance your budget with the demand for aid? Better understand family complexities? Throughout the year, Mission Enrollment partners with organizations, offering professional development opportunities to support you as a financial aid practitioner and decision-maker. Join us for a live webinar, connect in person at a conference, or attend a virtual event to advance your skills and expertise for successfully managing a financial aid program at your school.



Winter Symposium 2022 – Financial Aid, Marketing, Retention

Three Tracks. Three Topics. Triple the content! Whether you need to better use financial aid to achieve your enrollment goals, fill the top of your enrollment funnel, or make sure more of your families persist to graduation, this is the place for you. We are delighted Alisa Evans, Founder & CEO of Mission Enrollment, is this year’s keynote speaker for the Financial Aid track:

[Keynote] The Enrollment Director and the CFO: An Alliance for Cultivating Cohesive Financial Aid Strategy and Execution: The alignment of enrollment and business teams within schools is critical in effectively leading any financial aid program. Strong collaboration is vital to the strategic preparation, tactical processing, and effective reporting of financial aid awards. Get a deep overview of the interwoven responsibilities of the admissions and business offices managing the financial aid process and learn best practices for decision-making. Knowledge and tools will be shared to empower participants to address the challenges of setting financial aid budgets, creating policies, and communicating awards.

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Commemorating 25 years of business operations excellence and the incredible strides we’ve made as an industry and as a profession. In a city where celebrities typically take center stage, this meeting will shine a spotlight on the sometimes-unsung stars in the business office. To celebrate the association’s milestone, NBOA is bringing together the greatest minds in independent school business. Join us as we tackle today’s most pressing issues and prepare for the next 25 years.


Effective Financial Aid Strategy and Execution

Crafting a financial aid program that is successful from both mission and business standpoints can be challenging. It’s important for schools to define their financial aid philosophy and create boundaries that help school leaders execute the program well — and that provide families with support beyond the initial admissions process. During this pre-conference, you will gain knowledge of best practices and use tools that empower you to address the challenges associated with inclusive and complex financial aid policies. These practices and tools can help anyone who manages any part of the financial aid process improve the aid program and contribute to vital school goals. Presenters: Liz Maher (Director, Accounting and Tax Programs, NBOA) and Alisa Evans (Founder & CEO, Mission Enrollment).

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