Start date: September 11, 2023
End date: September 15, 2023
All-day event
Location: Las Vegas, NV
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Session: Transitioning Financial Aid Platforms with Ease | The reason why schools change their FA platform can differ significantly. However, the process of making the transition smooth for internal staff and returning families remains the same. And it starts with clean data. This panel discussion will focus on the importance of applicant data by covering key areas to navigate to ensure consistency for your program, determine new formula lever configurations to avoid a swing in calculations and budget, safeguards to implement to support returning families, and how to communicate the “why” for this change. Presenters: Anita Harper, Mission Enrollment; John Amussen, Marlborough School; Bridgette Rappoport, Delphian School; Josie AG Shapiro, Park Day School

Session: Transforming from an “Admission” to a Strategic “Enrollment Management” Paradigm | One of the most important takeaways from EMA’s 2023 State of the Independent School Enrollment Industry (SOTI) Report was the impact of moving from an “admission” to an “enrollment management” mindset. “Enrollment management suggests a more strategic posture and requires deepened sophistication and cross-team administration to be effective. With the strategic enrollment spectrum in hand…enrollment management is a shared manifestation of bringing a school’s mission, vision, and values to life each day.” How does this work happen in practice? Learn from two senior leaders from Mid-Pacific Institute as they share the opportunities, challenges, and strategic impacts of this transition and two experienced consultants who have partnered with Mid-Pacific in their journey. Presenters: Ari Betof, Mission & Data; Alisa Evans, Mission Enrollment; Christel McGuigan, Mid-Pacific Institute; Paul Turnbull, Mid-Pacific Institute

Post-Conference Workshop: Financial Aid: Building Philosophy and Procedures | This session will focus on generating a Financial Aid Philosophy for your school to ground your decision in a unified process that helps the school to remain equitable when making financial aid decisions for families. From philosophy we move to procedures to discuss internal procedures for making decisions and how FA is allocated across grade levels, constituencies, and groups. Panelists: Alisa Evans, Mission Enrollment; John Hutchins, Exeter Academy; Renée Thompson, Prospect Sierra School; Nicole Victor, Westminster Schools; Rob Wise, The Joy School